About: Storyteller

Dearest Reader,

I don’t want to be thought of as an enigma but in a lot of ways I am for my writing projects.  I’m not the focus, my characters are – and yet I understand human curiosity and an eagerness to peek behind the curtain.

I’m Tia, the storyteller of each of my tales and to be veracious, I’ve been through a lot in the past few years, from career shifts to international living; from clumsily trying to find my spiritual center to losing my mother to pancreatic cancer.

My fumbles, mistakes and sought after authenticity is the journey I seek to turn into wisdom, and if I can’t, I’ll turn it into art and let those who need it, read it.

I could subject-verb-agreement you all day with my degrees, travels, pains, gains and joys, but I’d prefer to do what I do best as a writer – create with the gift I’ve been given in hope that I honor the Divine.

If you seek me out, I’ll most likely be doing mis-matchy things like drinking iced Italian coffee directly after yin yoga or reading oracle cards right before getting my eyelash extensions. In other words, doing eccentric things while living in 300 days of sunshine in Southern California directly beside non-eccentric things, like drinking green juice I made at home.

Before I close this note to you dear reader who found me, I must also leave a message for the words that choose me:

May the deepest, gentlest and most compassionate love pour onto this Earth through my words.  May the Creative Genius which flows through life, flow through me unencumbered.  May I give each story that chooses me the platform they deserve to heal what has been so wounded and broken. And may we all be blessed, as I know I will, for these moments we share in story.

And with that let the adventure begin, for as long as you choose, alongside this:

Truth Seeker
& Wayfarer