About the Storyteller

Dearest Reader,

I don’t want to be thought of as an enigma but in a lot of ways I am for this project. I’m not the focus, the grandmothers are – and yet I understand human curiosity and an eagerness to peak behind the curtain.

I’m Tia, the interviewer and storyteller behind this project. I’ve been through a lot in the past few years, from career shifts to clumsily trying to find my spiritual center to losing my mother to cancer to marriage. Through it all I’ve realized more than ever that my vulnerability has always been my strength. My life stumbles, willingness to make mistakes and my newfound strengths in authenticity are what I turn to wisdom. They are the reasons I seek more wisdom than ever before.

And that’s what I hope to accomplish with this project – a sharing of female wisdom. For selfish reasons, I get to spend time with amazing women with unique things to say. I get to call them on the phone and chat for hours or skype them or (if I’m lucky) sit at their table over coffee. I get to bask in their love and curiosity and ability to see the world from a light I cannot…and then, I get to share those stories with you.

I could bore you all day with my degrees, my travels, my pains and my joys, but I’d prefer to give the grandmother’s the spotlight because it is the most needed right now. It is their knowledge that has been lost, shoved to the side as irrelevant. Yet, they are the matriarch so many go to who have been honored enough to still have a grandmother living in their life.

May the deepest, gentlest and most compassionate love these women share with me pour onto this Earth through my words.  May I give them the platform they deserve to heal what has been so wounded and broken. And may you be blessed, as I know I will, for these moments we share with them in story.