cropped-T-Blue-Shirt_Lo-Res.jpgWelcome dear hearts!

My name is Tia and I am a writer.

Perhaps that sounds a bit clinical or something announced in a basement meeting somewhere but who I am and what I do are forever intertwined.

I create magic with words.

This is my gift and one I share joyfully with the world even though often my name is unattached and therefore are most often known as a ghost.

I am flexible and adaptable.

I specialize in succinct powerful writing but have a portfolio ranging in project types for both entrepreneurs and businesses. All of which are tailored to impact their clients in the written voice they can “hear.” Not to mention the 10 years I worked for the government creating everything from web content and marketing materials to multi-million dollar contracts.

I love writing and I never run out of creativity.

In fact, I adore being creative so much I have other websites as outlets that I own and write for to keep the creativity flowing. I also have a knack for taking photos or selecting photos to pair with written material if it is needed for a given project.

I am an adventurer at heart.

As I mentioned moments ago I used to work for the federal government, until just shy of 11 years  I quit my high paying job and moved to Greece alone. I lived there for a year and worked as a travel writer. I didn’t know the language, I didn’t know anyone there and it was the greatest experience (thus far) in my life. It planted the seed of exploration for me and I have traveled to Italy, Turkey, Amsterdam, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brussels, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong since then.

I am THE BEST at finding gems.

What do I mean? I mean I find the unique people, places and things that are overlooked or unnoticed. Whether they seem ordinary or are just yet to be discovered, I really don’t know how but I find them! And it is truly a joy each and every time I make a new discovery. More importantly, I’m really good at finding the gem my clients need to create a written impact they had never known.

I am a lifelong learner.

I have a B.S. in Personnel Psychology with minors in Spanish and Sociology. I also have a M.A. in Management and a nearly completed PMP certification as well as extensive real estate contractual knowledge gained during my time with the government. The 2015 version of me, however, prefers to learn through countless hours reading on topics such as: creativity, travel, esoteric principles and business strategy.

So that’s a good start as to who I am (as I always prefer to leave something to the imagination) and if you’d like to learn more or hear what gems I can write for your business, please contact me: tia@tiameredith.com.




Tia (and her story) has been featured by NewsPress, which can be viewed by clicking on the article’s title: ” Former resident writes children’s book “