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Colors of Santorini
Unlike other islands in Greece, when you embark on a Santorini vacation, you will see an island alive in vibrant colors. Arriving to its shores the colored strata of the volcanic rock begin a natural palette of chocolate browns and rust reds that blend into yellows, whites and creams. As you are taking tours of Santorini, you will notice the natural beauty of the island has been synced by those who inhabit it. Strolling along its old pebbled streets and under ancient arches in towns such as Fira, Imerovigli or Oia, you will behold eye-catching color schemes that strike in vivid blues, lemon yellows and sunny oranges. Sunk deep into volcanic soil, the whitewashed walls and sparkling blue domes in the sunlight have caught the eye of photographers across the world.


Destination Rome! The Best of Rome Trip Plan
“Roma, a chi nulla in cent’anni, a chi molto in tre di” (In Rome, there are those who have had nothing in a hundred years, those who had much in three days) ~ Roman Proverb

Nestled in a history and culture well beyond 100 years, Rome, Italy has the largest concentration of historical and architectural riches in the world. As the capital of the Italian Republic and with over 16% of the world’s cultural treasures within its borders, the aesthetics to be had and experienced cannot possibly be contained within three days’ time.

If ever there was a time for a private tour, Vatican City is that time. Making Rome the only city in the world to host an entire foreign state within it, Vatican City is a must-have experience. Because the lines are long for tickets on this tour of Rome, planning ahead with a private guide will provide an exclusive experience beyond the average tourist. The Sistine Chapel will come to life as you are guided through a dramatic meeting of history and religion above you. In addition, you will visit St. Peter’s Basilica and stroll through St. Peter’s Square on your personal tour.


Italy: An Unforgettable Photograph
Sitting at a café with a group of friends, she shows them a picture of their honeymoon in Italy. The photo shows two people on the Amalfi Coast, a slight breeze in their hair, sun-kissed from days on the shore and smiles in their eyes. The sea behind them, glinting in the sun, her friends gasp in joy and envy.

A week ago she had returned from the 14 days she and her new husband spent in Italy traveling in Venice, Florence, Rome and then onto the Amalfi Coast. She begins as her friends pass the photograph by saying “it was a dream I didn’t think was possible” and takes a sip of her coffee. An eager audience now awaits her dream reconstructed…