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candle burning

The UnHidden

Sometimes you see a thing you do not want to. A lie is brought before you in undeniable visible truth. And though expectations have been placed, by others or yourself, that you be compassionate – there is still anger inside. Because you have seen what cannot be unseen. And that anger blazes so hot; it

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The “Less” Generation

A sadness grows inside me these days as my birthday approaches; not because I am turning a year older or the year I am turning happens to be 35. I feel sorrow surrounding the roles assigned to women growing older. For some, as we age, we are seen as “less” in the eyes of a

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Growing Soul

I bury my pain. Though awakening from a dream I had grown flowers upon this dirt. Spreading seeds across the filth which had been. Hoping something wild would grow… For if the beautiful can blossom from the ugliness within, than perhaps Nothing is spoiled Forever If Light penetrates all, can it transform me? Still the

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Puget Sound Park

An Image of Responsibility

I have magnificent responsibility. Perhaps uncommon to view responsibility in this light, it is nevertheless how I accept it to be so. This duty rests firmly on my dedication to healing me. It further entails awakening to what has always been, to remember, and in the process become aware of you in your True Light.

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Health is a Practice

Following in my goal of “practice” for 2014, I have joined a local gym and succeeded in my first treadmill run. My gym attendance serves as a practice of self-love through nurturing my health. It is not being leveraged as a new dating pool or a way to showcase my assets (I mean who could

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