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candle burning

The UnHidden

Sometimes you see a thing you do not want to. A lie is brought before you in undeniable visible truth. And though expectations have been placed, by others or yourself, that you be compassionate – there is still anger inside. Because you have seen what cannot be unseen. And that anger blazes so hot; it

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An Interlude

He told me he was romantic… I laughed because I knew it was untrue. The truth in his eyes faded with each missed opportunity to pursue A trip, a vacation, extra time never spent, constant irritation and asking the reasoning behind what he meant. Begging for help with the simplest task Left incomplete, empty and

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Wings to wind, I soar, I glide Yearning to be free from all that would die I see the mountains, the ocean and land Still I am clipped from all that is grand The limitedness of my sight can only be reached Not in song but in words that are leeched So restless am I

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