Freelance Writing


People are on their phones skipping over blog posts, newsletters or scrolling down Facebook and Twitter feeds all day long.

They’re even in bed, laying next to their partner, going from video to article and back again – with no pause and no expression on their face.

Because what they don’t know they’re searching for is an amazing story.

That’s where I come in. I’m your story-teller. I’m the one that makes people stop, pay attention and share that story with others.

I have a knack for telling heart-felt, inspirational and memorable stories that get people talking, get people sharing and get people buying.

Let me help your business grow with my natural ability to tell stories through:

Case Studies:
Interview(s) and Final Story

Marketing Videos: (specializing in Product Launch Formula)
Script Consultation
Script Outline
Script Writing

Web Page Content
Ghost Writing

Electronic Marketing:
Email Content Creation or Re-purposing Existing Content
Online Marketing Campaign Text
Newsletter Content Creation or Re-purposing Existing Content
*trained in Product Launch Formula

In a world flooded with information, your story is key. You have one “click” to bring forward an emotion that will make your ideal client pause and want to know more about your company. ┬áSo, let’s discuss how to expand your audience reach with the power of story.

*Contact me through to set up your consultation and to discuss pricing